Our story began in a warm kitchen...

...full of pleasant aromas, delicious flavours and people having fun cooking!

A team of aspiring chefs with intellectual disabilities and their supporters came together to create a Cookbook that everyone can use. In order to create this Cookbook, we are travelling throughout Europe, meeting with beautiful people, learning new things, making mistakes and discovering new authentic tastes. We have tried lots of different recipes in order to select only our favourite ones from Catalonia, Portugal, Northern Ireland and Greece.


We welcome you to join us in this journey and try our delicious meals.


No matter if you are a beginner or if you don't know the local language, there is a seat for everyone at our table and our recipes are easy to follow.


So let’s light our stoves and cook together. Every good story starts with good food.

The Cookbook will be completed in March 2019 and will be available to download here.

Our Trainer’s Manual will be available to download here.

DOWNLOAD English Trainer’s Manual

DOWNLOAD Spanish Trainer’s Manual

DOWNLOAD Greek Trainer’s Manual

DOWNLOAD Portuguese Trainer’s Manual