Easy Cooking is an Erasmus+ KA2 programme funded by the Greek State Scholarship Foundation (I.K.Y) and the European Union.

For the purpose of this programme, we will be sharing our culinary experiences from Europe in a single cookbook. Our recipes are tasty, easy and healthy! Our ingredients are fresh and cultivated in our gardens!

Easy Cooking project aims to improve:


People with mental disabilities,alongside their trainers, will developnew cooking and agricultural skills inorder to increase their employability.


The activities will improve the confidenceof people with mental disabilities byteaching them how to manage their owntime, use the equipment and cook fortheir loved ones. 


This project brings people togetherfrom around the world. Theparticipants are not only traineesbut also active advisors throughoutthe implementation of the project. 

Our goal is to:

Easy Cooking is a 2-year project. During our journey we will be busy with lots of fun activities. Most of the time you will find us:

In our garden

Where we prepare the soil, plant the seeds and take care of the plants as we watch them grow! We keep a diary and provide you tips on how you can do it yourself! We harvest what we sow and we cook divine meals!

In our kitchen

Where we handpick tasty recipes and try useful tricks to make our meals even healthier! We develop the easiest ways to cook and we train ourselves to be professionals! We keep a record of our steps so we can get a great result every time we cook!

We will design the cookbook following the task analysis methodology.Task analysis methodology is about breaking a complex activity into smaller steps.We will visualize everything and our cookbook will not have a lot of text. Every step will be described by using images.We want to ensure that our cookbook is accessible to everyone. That is why literacy skills and cooking knowledge are not required.

Our Trainer Manual

If you are a trainer or a supporter of people with intellectual disabilities you can use our Trainer’s Manual and encourage your trainees to be more independent in the kitchen! Follow our steps and start your own journey!