Easy Cooking’s Kick Off Meeting

Margarita hosted in October 2017 in Athens, Greece the EASY COOKING teams from Spain, Portugal, and the UK for the kick-off meeting.

The participating organizations in the kick-off were E.PSY.ME, Organization Earth, and Harokopio University from Greece. From abroad came Fundacio Ramon Noguera (Spain), ARCIL (Portugal) and The Orchardville Society (UK).

We had an amazing time getting to know each other, planning for the project, exchanging ideas and good practices.

We discussed on the ingredients and the training methodology while the experts from Harokopio University gave us tips about the general outlines of how to write the recipes in order to provide all the necessary information both to the service users as well as nutritionists.

The kick-off was very successful since it was the base to start the training seminars with the people with intellectual disabilities participating in the Easy Cooking Project and co-produce with them the Cook Book and the Trainer’s Manual.