MARGARITA’s Easy Cooking Team Live on TV!

MARGARITA’s easy cooking team was LIVE yesterday (31/1/2019) in a greek TV Channel “ΑΝΤ1” in the “Breakfast” (Το Πρωινό) morning show of Fay Skorda.

The students prepared with the support of the team’s chef, Nikiforos Thomaidis, one of the Easy Cooking’s recipes and filled the set with aromas while giving everyone the chance to taste our delicious Green Cheese pie.

Additionally the team’s trainer and psychologist Rozmari Kalogeria talked together with George Evgeniadis, trainer in the cooking workshop of School of Special Education & Training of Neou Irakliou, about the benefits of cooking in the lives of people with intellectual disability.

Some good examples are that cooking helps people to increase their autonomy by learning how to cook for themselves and their families. At the same time, the cooking workshops increase their cooking professional skills since they learn how to follow the necessary rules to ensure the quality of their services and products.

Go ahead and watch them in the link below, perform their magic in the kitchen of ANT1’s morning show “Breakfast”!