Third Project Meeting in Portugal!

The representatives of the seven organizations participating in Easy Cooking Project, met face-to-face for the thrid time in the Transnational Project meeting held in Lousa, Portugal, and hosted by ARCIL organization.

The teams stayed there for two days and had the time to discuss about the project and how the teams should proceed for the next months in order to develop both the Easy-to-Read Cookbook as well as the Trainer’s Manual.

Meetings like that give us also the opportunity to learn more about each other and how the organizations achieve to provide services to people with intellectual disabilities. ARCIL has a very interesting music lab in which the service users compose great music with a variety of musical instruments (guitars, earrings, percussion, drums, two electric pianos, etc.) but mainly using musical instruments that are easily handled by people with intellectual disabilities. They are musical instruments that make sounds by touch, removal-hand approach, and so on.

Here are some photos from our trip: