Train the Trainers Seminar in Girona

Grup Fundació Ramon Noguera hosted the train the trainers’ seminar of the ERASMUS+ EASY COOKING project.

From the 16th to 20th of April the people from FRN received trainers from Greece, North Ireland, and Portugal.

The most important part of the TTS was to empower the trainers from all participant organizations by doing in practice all the theoretical knowledge which was exchanged in the previous months in order to implement a common methodology in the cooking and agriculture seminars for people with intellectual disabilities.

To reach the abovementioned goals and make the most of the TTS, the 5-day seminar was organized as follows:

Mornings were targeted to cooking at Centre Civic Les Bernardes de Salt where FRN booked a fully equipped professional kitchen classroom. Every day a different organization taught how to prepare their selected recipes according to the detailed nutritional analysis performed by Harokopio University.

Afternoons were mainly dedicated to agriculture. We used three different locations to practice and learn about how to grow our own vegetables. These locations were:
one vegetable garden (community garden) where FRN manages a piece of land in the municipality of Llagostera (very close to Girona); it was selected since it is close to one occupational therapy center of the organization and because it will be used afterward for Easy Cooking agricultural seminars with service users
the vegetable garden of the University of Girona in which FRN service users participate periodically and where the project will be presented and important knowledge exchanged
the aromatic herbs garden designed and implement thanks to the Easy Cooking project

During the last afternoon, we had a meeting to discuss about the management of the project as well as tour the establishments of FRN and learn more about them!