TV GIRONA interviews Fundacio Ramon Noguera

On the 19 th July Ester Triadó and Montse Aulinas, from Grup Fundació Ramon Noguera, presented the Cook Book of Erasmus+ Easy Cooking project at TV Girona.

During the TV program TDT “Té de Tot” (“it has everything”) of tvgirona, Georgina Arnau interviewed Ester and Montse about our project EasyCooking in which Fundació Ramon Noguera participates to provide information and seminars about healthy cooking to persons with intellectual disabilities.

The focus of the interview was put in the characteristics and content of the Cook Book, and the process of co-design between all organizations and the participation of people with disabilities from the different participating countries.

Some of the questions Ester and Montse gave answer to during the interview were:
– What’s the main difference between a cook book that we normally have at home and this one?
– Where the idea was born?
– How did you find your partners?
– How did you decide on the recipes? What are the recipes that represent Catalonia?

The book can be downloaded on website!

If you want to watch the interview please click on the link below:

TV GIRONA interviews Fundacio Ramon Noguera